[Trevor] “First Tape”: A Destabilizing Look into the Limits of Memory and Knowledge



For my entire life, it has been a goal of mine to publish fiction. I suppose having my work in print (I realize how anachronistic this sounds in our electronic age) is a form of confirmation that there is an audience for my narratives. Thus, I am pleased to announce that my inaugural short story, “First Tape” has been released at Bewildering Stories. If the work can be categorized at all, it would be best described as epistemological or abstract horror.  What if all of your experiences were filmed and documented by a camera that may or may not alter life’s details? “First Tape” explores the notions of false memory, the bendability of time, how we construct identity, and how we organize and filter information. Films like Memento and Upstream Color were definitely sources of inspiration to cite only two.


upstream color

A direct link to my piece can be found here. Thanks to all who read!


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