Summer of Impositions II: Gone Viral

It’s official: summer has landed.

jaws | Film Dame

And with it scores of sinfully bad cinema to imbibe! After the smashing success that was the Summer of Impositions last year, we knew the inevitable sequel would get green-lit by the studio. But have no fear! This is no Lost Boys: The Tribe, this here is Bride of Frankenstein or Dawn of the Dead.

As with last summer, we here at Grindhouse will be imposing horror of the most horrific sort, the kind you’re immediately skeptical about once you hear the title, the kind you’re embarrassed to admit to your friends you watched the other night. (But you did.) We’re reaching for new heights, though (or is it new lows…?), so prepare yourself— as futile as it will prove to be— for some deliciously low-quality fare tramping out of the sewers to an internet connection near you.

Horror monster GIF - Find on GIFER

In case you’re new to the experiment, the Summer of Impositions was a festival of film punishment we did last year in which we assigned a not-all-that-great movie to each other (aka, “imposition”) to watch and review. This summer, however, we’re injecting twice as much goodness (badness?) into the recipe to cook up the purest batch of theologically-refereed crummy movie-viewing you’ll find anywhere in the American southwest or the Czech Republic. Or… anywhere, really. Because no one else does this, folks. Anyway! Each of us will have two movies imposed upon us, and will be tasked with (de)composing a piece that brings them, somehow or other, into conversation with one another. It’s the “uphill” part of the battle that’s most fun!

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Yeah, you heard that right, Donny! But the wonderful work of grace that made my heart so strangely warm— wait, no, that was the jacuzi; well, the wonderful work of grace that got me more psyched than  was seeing everyone say,

Challenge Accepted Fedya Dolokhov GIF by BBC First Australia ...

Well, I’m here to tell you that Robert’s Rules of Order were thrown right out the window along with the baby and the bathwater and the kitchen sink as the group discussion of who would impose on who turned into a veritable feeding frenzy.

  • Trevor will impose on Blake
  • Blake will impose on Ian
  • Ian will impose on McKenna
  • McKenna will impose on Caleb
  • Caleb will impose on Chris
  • Chris will impose on Trevor

A baleful braid of obloquy this is, winding its way in a thorny circle of schlocky schadenfreude. So grab your rosary, ready your popcorn, and stay tuned for cheesy fun and where-did-that-come-from?? theological insight surprising us all. Let’s rock!

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