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MeRyan Ellington

Ryan lives in North Carolina, where he’s a student at a seminary school. His favorite book is Gilead by Marilynne Robinson, but Richard Woodley’s novelization of the 1997 Nicholas Cage blockbuster, Con Air, is a close second. His favorite film is either Michael Haneke’s adaptation of The Castle or Love, Actually. He prefers Pepsi to Coke. He is not convinced there isn’t a treasure map on the back of the Declaration of Independence.


grayscale_bubblesTurner Bass

Turner is an aspiring music producer and composer with a bent toward creepy, disorienting sounds. He and his wife Erica live in Denver with their daughter Indigo who enjoys pretty colors, hip-hop, and crawling practice. An avid wearer of cargo pants and pineapple pizza evangelist, he spends his days developing web apps and his nights painting, laying new tracks and solving the world’s problems. Also, has a personal record of 1,642 hops on a pogo stick in one session. Will watch any horror movie…except those involving suggested or explicit use of paper cuts.


little garrett

Garrett Crawford

Garrett is a man of mediocre wisdom.  He lives in Northwest Arkansas with his wife, Jessi.  Together, they have zero children, and even less grandchildren.  He enjoys building plastic models, pretending to like sports, and selling chicken.  His favorite novels are The Paradise War by Stephen Lawhead and Black, Red, and White by Ted Dekker.  If he could only watch one movie for the rest of his life, it would not be Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.



Chris Crane

Chris is a freelance writer, bookworm, and film nerd. He spends most of his time as a grad student, studying theology, church history, and the arts. In his free time, he enjoys spending time at his favorite local coffee shops, drinking whiskey, and reading a good book. He rotates between five or six different streaming services and regularly watches films (especially horror films). His current research interests include theology and film, theological method and hermeneutics, emotional health, and Christian spirituality. He is also an avid listener of hip-hop. His current library consists of around 1,000 books and 200 films. You can follow him on Twitter and Letterboxd.



Frederick Gero Heimbach

Fred lives a pulp fictional life and takes notes. His wife and children live with him, warily, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He has been at various times a Methodist, a Plymouth Brethren, a Charismatic, and an Orthodox-manqué, before finding his true home as a Lutheran. He edited the Protecting Project Pulp podcast throughout its run. He would say (were he writing about himself in the third person) his fiction is preoccupied with the numinous; others would simply call it weird. His speculative fiction may be experienced at Every Day Fiction and the Untold Podcast. His story “Something Unburiable” (in which a barely anonymized Angela Merkel exhumes the corpse of Friedrich Nietzsche) was runner up in the Liberty Island “Trigger Warning” contest. His first novel, The Devil’s Dictum, imagines an alternative United States founded by Satan-worshiping pirates. His twitter handle is @Fredosphere.



Caleb Stallings

Caleb lives in Georgia and is the pastor of a small Baptist church. He holds an M.Div. from Beeson Divinity School, Samford University. He spends the dead of night watching F.W. Murnau movies, learning Malcolm Guite sonnets, listening to The Cramps, reading Swamp Thing comics, & writing sermons from The Gospel According to Mark. You can follow him on Twitter, Letterboxd, TV TimeGoodreads, or Apple Music. You can read his other work at Mockingbird or Christianity Is Goth.



Jared Wheeler

Jared lives in Waco, TX. By day, he teaches teenagers math and folksy life lessons. By evening, he parents 2 young kids. And then he has an internal struggle: Read a book? Watch a movie? Do a little writing? Or . . . get a reasonable amount of sleep? You can find a sort of record of some of the times sleep lost at Moviegoings, on Letterboxd, or on Goodreads. When his kids are old enough to watch horror movies, he’ll probably start them here.

Blake Collier

Blake currently resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma where he is married and works as a draftsman by day. He is an editor and columnist for Reel World Theology and a contributor to Mockingbird, Torrey Gazette, and Rise Up Daily. In his free time, he writes on horror cinema, sociological concerns, Alzheimer’s, and occasionally television and music. You can find him on Twitter, Facebook and Letterboxd. He has also compiled all of his writing, publications and podcasts at his website:

trevor replicant

Trevor Almy

Trevor lives in St. Petersburg, Florida where he teaches middle school English for a charter school. In the past, he taught high school English for three years and also moonlighted for a time as a barista. He earned an M.A. in Theology from Reformed Theological Seminary. In 2013, he established an online literary magazine known as The Wolf Skin that operated until 2016. Having a penchant for the bizarre and weird, he alternates spending the odd moments of his existence by reading Magical Realism literature, rewatching Twin Peaks, analyzing the cinema of Stanley Kubrick, and crafting surreal fiction. He may or may not have helmed a Stranger Things-esque, Call of Cthulhu RPG campaign. The soundtrack to his offbeat capers would be a melange of Bob Dylan, Bon Iver, and Ella Fitzgerald. Most significantly, he is the father to two daughters and a son. You can read his other work at The Sanctified Strange.


McKenna Rishmawy

McKenna currently lives in the northern suburbs of Chicagoland, and hails from the bright lights of southern California. She earned her B.A. in social science and her M.A. in education at Hope International University and has found her occupational gifts best used in schools and churches. She also currently serves as small group Bible study coordinator for Trinity Wives Fellowship, a ministry serving the wives of seminarians at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. She very much enjoys cats, psychological thrillers, and Italian food (and considers herself the embodied human form of all these things). McKenna loves waxing poetic about serums and Lupita Nyong’O’s eyeshadow on her own beauty blog, She is for sure an enneagram 6, has every single episode of I Love Lucy memorized, and really likes hanging out with her husband, Derek.